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The Prometheus Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity dedicated to reducing the burden of government on the people. 


The Prometheus Institute was founded in 2005 by Matt Harrison and Justin Hartfield, as a nonprofit dedicated to increasing civic engagement, especially among the younger generations.  Through the ensuing five years, the Institute published a number of features, articles, and web projects designed to advance the original vision of the institute.  Through various grant-funded projects, the Institute was able to gain initial traction and recognition. 


In 2010, the Institute strategically pivoted to the production of civic engagement technology with the release of DIY Democracy, an iPhone app which connected citizens to their local government.  Featured on the front page of the iTunes App Store and downloaded over a quarter-million times, the success of DIY Democracy enabled the Institute's transition into a full-fledged civic engagement firm.

In 2012, the Institute established a for-profit sister company, Prometheus Civic Technologies, which closed a Series A round to support inital platform development. 

Currently, the Institute is focused on the production of custom embeddable software for deployment by groups seeking to reform public policy, combined with specialized legal and public policy consulting services.  


With our latest slate of projects, we will be progressively unveiling new components and tools to empower, inspire, and engage the public.  Stay tuned as we continue to innovate to advance the cause of human freedom.

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